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Flotrol And Diagnosing Bladder Problems

Flotrol is a bladder support supplement that treats both urinary incontinence and an overactive bladder. If you suffer from either of these conditions, you can check out this Flotrol website to get the medicine you need to cure your issue. It's important to note that Flotrol will need to be taken on a daily basis to ensure your body gets a steady supply of the hormones it needs to maintain strong bladder muscles and to reduce the over-working of the detrusor muscle. These are things that you're going to have to supply your body with on a consistent daily basis to stay healthly.

Diagnosing bladder problems can typically be done on your own, however, if you may want to seek out a medical diagnosis to be overly sure of what's going on. There are three types of diagnosis procedures that doctors typically use. These include a bladder dieary, urinalysis, and post-void residual measurement. Let's take a closer look at what these are below. 

Urinalysis – This is when your urine is screened for traces of blood, signs of infection, and any other abnormalities that can be identified by medical professionals as the cause of your current bladder-related issues.

Bladder Diary – Your doctor will ask you to record when you urinate, how much you drink, and how much urine you produce each time you release your bowel. This will be required for a few days to help them get the information they need to diagnose your condition.

Post-Void Residual Measurement – When there are obstructions in the urinary tract or problems with the bladder muscles or nerves, doctors will recommend this test. They ask you to void your bladder and take a measurement of how much you void. Next, they will check the amount of leftover urine still in your bladder once you void it. This is done with an ultrasound machine or through means of a catheter. The idea is to see how much urine is being left in the bladder which isn't being voided.

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