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How Do You Kill Mold With an Ozone Generator?

When you think about ozone, you may think of the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a protective barrier that keeps the harmful ultraviolet light rays and other radiation away from the earth. It protects us and keeps us safe. However, that ozone can be dangerous if it forms near the ground.

Breathing in this ozone can cause health problems for people and animals. However, there are ways we can use this chemical to make our homes odor-free and mold-free. Ozone generators produce a large amount of ozone that can destroy active mold. It won’t remove the source, but it can stop it from spreading elsewhere.

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Ozone is a great tool to use if you have odors in your home that you can’t get rid of. It’s a powerful appliance that can pump out concentrated ozone. All you have to do is seal up your room and run it for a few hours. After that, the ozone will settle and diminish into regular oxygen again.

You’ll have an odor-free environment and it’ll help with any mold problems that you might have. It will destroy the spores that the mold produces and keep the mycotoxins away if it’s a more dangerous mold type.

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