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Notable Pieces Of Good Architecture In Australia

Australia is among one of the most modern and developed nations of the world. It is home to a large economy and all the latest products and services. Talking about development index, infrastructure of a region depicts how developed that place is. Sydney and Melbourne being to most popular cities of the country are home to a number of remarkable buildings and a legacy of some modern architects. Builders Chatswood Sydney are known for their detailing and professionalism. Opera House, of course is a commonly known landmark of Australia is famous worldwide. But the list does not end here. Here are a couple of famous landmarks that adds to the pride of Australia:

Government House, Sydney

The place is residence to The Governor of New South Wales located in Royal Botanical Gardens. It was constructed in mid nineteenth century. The beautiful building is constructed in Gothic revival style. The place looks like castle and still maintains legacy of english styled colonial buildings.

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

Shrine of Remembrance is a war memorial located in Melbourne which was built to honour the men and women of Victoria that served in World war I. The shrine is a classical style being based on Tomb of Mausolus. The memorial was proposed to be built as soon as World war was ended in 1918.

Eureka Tower, Melbourne

Eureka Tower, a symbol of excellence is approx 300 metre tall tower situated in Melbourne and 15th tallest residential building in the world. It has been named after a rebellion during Victorian gold rush. Gold crown of building represents gold rush. It is also the tallest building in Melbourne and second tallest building in Australia.

Parliament House, Canberra

Melbourne and Sydney are home to remarkable Builders Mona Vale and other significant parts. But Canberra is no left behind when it comes to architecture. Parliament House, like the name says is the meeting place of parliament of Australia located in capital city of Canberra. It was inaugurated in 1988 by Queen of Australia.

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