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Why Knee Joint Exercises Are Important

If you are suffering from knee joint disorder, you might be worried that exercise can result in knee joint injuries and pain. Increasing knee joint strength and maintaining knee joint flexibility would be the ideal way to stop knee joint injuries.

As long as the way is appropriately followed, you will raise the health of your joints. This article will offer you tips for knee joint exercises. Now, let's start maintaining the health of your knee joints! If you are facing failed knee surgery due to DePuy then you can consult a professional lawyer. DePuy Knee Lawyer Handling Claims Nationwide.


Warming up before exercising will help you avoid injuries. You are able to ride a stationary bike for 5 minutes, and may then walk for two minutes. You are able to do this while performing upper limb activities, or you can also push the wall for 15-20 repetitions.

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Straight Leg Raises

If your knee joint illness is not really good, you can begin with simple movements. These straight leg raises can exercise the quadriceps muscle, while also putting almost no pressure on the knee joint.

Lying on a yoga mat, bend 1 leg and measure on the ground. The other leg should be straight and lifted to reach the height of another leg. Hold this position for 3 minutes. Do 3 sets every day, with 10-15 reps in each set.

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